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Only One Person Correctly Picked The First 39 Games Of The Tournament

Wisonsin picked to win the NCAA tournament.

Only one person in the entire world picked the first 39 games of this year's NCAA Tournament.

Everyone knows that the odds of picking a perfect bracket for the NCAA Tournament are rough. So rough, in fact, that it's never been done before. One college basketball fan made a solid run at it this year, though.

A Yahoo bracket entry titled Dario's Delinquents nailed the first 39 games of the tournament - which, according to, is the all-time record. tracks the bracket games for the six "major sites" -, FOX Sports, CBS Sports, Bleacher Report, ESPN and Yahoo. Here's more:

So 39 is the record we're going with. With more than three decades of online and paper brackets to sift through -- the current format has existed since 1985 -- and with somewhere between an estimated 60 million to 100 million brackets filled out every year, we acknowledge there is a significant chance that someone, somewhere has done better. Determining an official record is made even more difficult by the fact that online games only recently have begun comprehensive record-keeping.

Here's a snapshot of the bracket, via Yahoo. As you can see, Iowa State's loss to Purdue ended his perfect streak. He's since gotten the result of the Michigan vs. Louisville game wrong as well.

Wisconsin picked to win the NCAA Tournament.

Yahoo! Sports.

Will we ever see a perfect bracket? The odds suggest we won't, but you never know.