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Twitter Freaked Out Over An Insanely Long Official Review During Gonzaga-WVU

officials review a play during the gonzaga west virginia game.

An insanely long official review during the West Virginia-Gonzaga game drew the ire of the Twitter-verse.

It all started when the officials ruled the ball went out of bounds off West Virginia's Nathan Adrian with 1:59 to play. Replay clearly showed that Adrian actually saved the ball before he landed out of bounds, and the official missed the call.

The play went under review...and stayed that way. For a while.

People were not happy.

While all this was happening on Twitter, Chris Webber, the color analyst on the broadcast on TBS, blasted the officials on the air.

In the end, the officials got the call right, but Gonzaga won anyway.

Arizona and Xavier is set to tip off sometime around midnight, give or take.