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Recruiting Expert Weighs In On Future Of LeBron James Jr.

lebron james jr dominates his opponents.

LeBron James' eldest son, LeBron James Jr., is still in the eighth grade, but widely expected to be a top recruit for the Class of 2023. Though the very rules of college basketball are expected to change by the time he's college-eligible, he could end up playing for a major program.

The Duke Blue Devils are one team to keep an eye on. LeBron James has a pre-existing relationship with Coach K stemming from their time together with Team USA.

LeBron Jr. reportedly already has scholarship offers from Duke and Kentucky. Coach K was recently spotted at one of his games.

One potential obstacle to LeBron Jr. attending Duke or Kentucky is that it's possible the one-and-done rule could be done away with by the time 2023 rolls around. There is also the fact that LeBron himself skipped the first year of college to go straight to the NBA.

247Sports basketball analyst Jerry Meyer noted that LeBron James Jr. is already showing signs of being a potentially great basketball player. Size will be a factor though, as he is currently 5-foot-10.

“He’s a very good player, playing up a year. At times he got physically overwhelmed but he’s gonna be a great player. I am not a good enough scout to be able to tell you how good he’s going to be. He’s not very tall, so growth is going to be a factor. But he has game, very skilled, you know he’s getting impeccable training. I’m sure he’s going to be a great player, he is a very good player, it’s just very hard to look at an eighth grader and know.”

It's also going to be interesting to see how involved LeBron remains in his recruitment.

“He had some daddy coaching going on. At least LeBron was standing behind the coach, so he wasn’t looking away from the bench,” Meyer added. “LeBron’s into it, he’s encouraging, you can tell it’s a positive relationship. I just can’t imagine being in Bronny’s head: Your dad’s LeBron, LeBron’s there, half the media is on LeBron, half the media is on you. It’s a spectacle. He’s gonna have a unique challenge, like all celebrity kids do.

There can be no doubt that LeBron James Jr. is an intriguing prospect due to his celebrity and genetics.

If LeBron himself can maintain his NBA career for another five to six years, he could conceivably become the first NBA player to play at the same time as his son.