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Watch: Referee Shocks Players, Fans With Insane Windmill Dunk

Referee setting up for his windmill dunk.


Here's some incredible footage of a basketball referee throwing down a monster slam while both teams watch in awe.

I wish I could provide more context on what exactly is happening here, but it's almost better if you watch the video knowing absolutely nothing. A referee just throws down a nasty dunk, and that's all you need to know, really.

Check it out:

Was this before the game? After? In the middle? Did he perform this as a halftime show? I desperately need answers, and yet, I probably won't have any any time soon.

It appears to read "Missouri State" on the hardwood, but that's about all we got. Maybe it's best to just appreciate what this is: a referee dunking harder than any referee has ever dunked in history. I will never judge a ref for a bad call ever again.