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Report: 2 Former College Basketball Players Stranded After Iran Retaliates To U.S.

Two former college basketball players are stranded in Dubai.

Former Texas A&M center Joseph Jones and former Tennessee guard J.P. Prince are currently stranded in Dubai after a team trip.

The two play in Iran for Azad University Tehan, but Iran is blocking them from returning to the country in response to President Donald Trump's new immigration order, which blocks Iranian citizens from entering the United States.

The news was first reported by Yahoo! Sports' The Vertical.

From their report:

Jones, 30, and Prince, 29, teammates on Azad University Tehan, which plays in the Iran Super League, were on a team-funded break in Dubai when President Trump signed the executive order, Fleisher said. Before the players could return, Iran issued its ban, preventing the two players from returning to the country.

“At the moment they are stranded,” Fleisher told The Vertical. “It’s a real hardship.”

Fleisher said team officials have spoken to Iranian government representatives about resolving the situation but “there is very little optimism” about finding a solution that will allow either player back in the country. Both stand to lose a substantial amount of money — six figures, Fleisher said — if they cannot finish the season.

Jones and Prince played at Texas A&M and Tennessee, respectively, in the mid to late 2000s.

You can view The Vertical's full report here.