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Report: This Detail In ESPN's Sean Miller Report Might Be Wrong

Sean Miller with his hands clasped.

A new report says ESPN's bombshell report on Sean Miller and Arizona might not be completely accurate. The story - parts of it, anyway - has been questioned by many on social media.

ESPN reported on Friday night that the FBI had wiretapped conversations between Sean Miller and an agent. Miller allegedly discussed a $100K payment for a five-star recruit.

Miller has since not been with Arizona's program. He didn't coach in the game on Saturday night and he wasn't at practice on Monday.

The recruit, five-star freshman Deandre Ayton, played in the game. He's denied any wrongdoing.

247Sports is reporting that the timeline in ESPN's story is "conflicting." Here's why:

During a TV report, ESPN said that the phone call took place in the spring of 2017. The network then issued a correction, stating that the phone call between Miller and Dawkins took place in the spring of 2016. ESPN then corrected its first correction, stating that the phone call between Miller and Dawkins took place in the year 2016, removing the "spring" designation.

But the timeline doesn't add up.

A source told 247Sports that Dawkins (who had his phone tapped by the FBI) and Miller had calls intercepted between the timeframe of June 19 of 2017, through Sept. 25.

Sources say that the U.S. Attorney's office notified multiple parties who had conversations with Dawkins that their phone calls had been recorded specifically during the dates of June 19, 2017 and Sept. 25, 2017.

This might not be a major error by ESPN, but with massive stories like this, any kind of conflicting information is going to be very controversial.

You can view 247Sports' full report here.