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South Carolina Is A 7-Point Underdog In Its Final Four Matchup Versus Gonzaga

South Carolina players excited after a three pointer.

No. 1 seeded Gonzaga will face off against No. 7 seeded South Carolina in the Final Four next weekend, and the Bulldogs are favored by seven.

The South Carolina Gamecocks are probably still celebrating their Elite Eight win over Florida, but sports betting never stops, and the initial line for their Final Four matchup versus Gonzaga has already been released. The Gamecocks are pretty heavy underdogs in this one, but then again they have been for the entire tournament.

Check it out:

For reference, the Gamecocks were 3.5-point underdogs today against Florida, 3-point underdogs versus Baylor in the Sweet 16, 6.5-point underdogs in the second round versus Duke and 1-point underdogs against Marquette in the first round, per ESPN. That's pretty incredible!

This is South Carolina's first NCAA Tournament berth since 2004, and it's the first time the Gamecocks have reached the Elite Eight and the Final Four in school history. The last time they reached the Sweet 16 was 1973.

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South Carolina will certainly have its hands full versus the Gonzaga Bulldogs, but then again the Gamecocks weren't supposed to make it this far in the first place. It should be a phenomenal game.