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Sports World Reacts To Insane Michigan vs. Ohio Finish

Michigan and Ohio had a crazy finish on Sunday night.


Michigan and Ohio had an epic finish in regulation on Sunday evening. 

The Wolverines were leading the Bobcats by two points with just seconds left on the clock. Ohio chucked a full-court pass and ended up tipping the ball in as the game clock expired.

We go to overtime.

"Are you serious?! Ohio gets the wild buzzer-beater to take No. 20 Michigan to OT," BTN tweeted.

Finishes don't get any crazier than that, do they>

"I didn't know you were allowed to do this. I thought it counted as an illegal shot attempt off an inbound," one fan wrote.

"HOW?!?!?!" one fan added.

"Craaaaap. Why doesn't the clock start when the ball hits the rim?" one fan added.

"LOL I swear this only happens to teams I root for," another fan wrote on social media.

The finish to the wild Michigan vs. Ohio game can be seen on BTN.