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Student Matches With Rival College Basketball Player On Tinder, Shares Conversation

a shot of an ncaa basketball before a game

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

A female college student matched with a college basketball player on Tinder while his team was in town for a game with her school.

Of course, she got the college basketball player into a conversation on Tinder, screen-shotted everything and had it all printed out.

The conversation was then made into big signs so the opposing player could be taunted during warmups and throughout the game.


"A UF student “conveniently” matched with an Ole Miss player in town for the game. The conversation was printed off, distributed throughout the student section & has been read out loud while the guy warms up. Classic," Kassidy Hill tweeted.

The conversation doesn't contain anything too embarrassing - what college student hasn't matched and had a conversation with someone on Tinder - but still, it's a pretty clever taunt.

Ole Miss' play on the court hasn't been too affected by this, though.

The Rebels are currently leading the Gators, 20-19, late in the first half of their SEC contest.

The game is being televised on the SEC Network.