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Syracuse's Tyler Lydon Had The Highest Body-Fat Percentage At The NBA Combine

The former Orange standout had the highest body-fat percentage at the NBA Combine.

Measurements from the 2017 NBA Scouting Combine in Chicago are out.

A lot of these measurements are mostly meaningless - Kevin Durant was made fun of for not being able to bench press 185 pounds at the combine and now he's one of the 3-4 best players in the league - but they're still fun to look at.

Body-fat percentage is one of the things every player has measured at the combine.

The highest percentage, according to these measurements: Syracuse's Tyler Lydon, who has a percentage of 13.6.

The lowest percentage: Florida's Devin Robinson, who has a percentage of 3.2.

These things can matter for players that scouts aren't sure about, but it's probably not smart to put too much stock into them.

The combine runs through the weekend.