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Texas A&M Is Getting Destroyed By Michigan

Michigan and Texas A&M face off in the Sweet 16.

The Sweet 16 tipped off tonight with Loyola-Chicago vs. Nevada and Michigan vs. Texas A&M going on right now. However, it looks like someone forgot to tell the Aggies that they had a game today.

We're just over 11 minutes into the Michigan-Texas A&M game and the Wolverines already hold a 21-point advantage. Michigan is enjoying a ridiculous hot streak, shooting 60-percent from the field, and 70-percent from beyond the arc.

Meanwhile, Texas A&M is STRUGGLING from the field. The Aggies are shooting just 36-percent from the field.

The Wolverines have caused six turnovers in the first ten minutes, while giving the ball away only once. Michigan is cruising.

21 of Michigan's first 33 points came from the three-point line. Not bad for a team that struggled from the field and had to win with defense against Houston.

It doesn't look like the Wolverines are slowing down any time soon. We should have learned from last year to never doubt John Beilein and Michigan in the tournament.

Can the Wolverines keep it going? Tune to TBS to find out. Michigan leads 49-23 with just over two minutes remaining.