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Thad Matta's Wearing A Tie Today

Thad Matta speaking at a Big Ten press conference.

Ohio State's men's basketball coach classed it up a bit today.

Thad Matta is wearing a tie today. That might not seem significant - he's a college basketball coach, after all, and college basketball coaches typically wear suits with ties.

Ohio State's men's basketball coach hadn't worn one in two years, though. So, yes, it is actually significant.

Why the tie?

Perhaps because Ohio State got off to one of its worst Big Ten starts in program history, losing its first four conference games.

The Buckeyes are hosting Michigan State in Columbus this afternoon, hoping to avoid an 0-5 start.

And the wear-a-tie thing appears to be working. Ohio State leads Michigan State, late in the first half. The game is being televised on CBS.