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The Knicks Are Reportedly Refusing To Take Ryan Anderson

New York doesn't want him.

One player is reportedly the holdup in a potential Knicks-Rockets trade that sends Carmelo Anthony to Houston.

It's Ryan Anderson.

The New York Daily News reports that the Knicks are refusing to take Anderson and his three-year, $60 million contract.

ESPN had reported that the Knicks and Rockets were trying to get other teams involved to make something work.

But the Knicks front office, led now and maybe forever by Steve Mills, is making total financial sense by refusing to take on Anderson and his enormous contract in a proposed trade for Anthony.

Anderson is scheduled to make $61.1 million over the next three seasons compared to two years and $54 million owed to Anthony. No way do you pay more for a guy who does less.

Keeping Carmelo is far more appealing than absorbing Anderson's contract.

The Knicks haven't made a ton of good moves lately, but not taking Anderson's contract is wise.