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The National Title Will Be A TV Ratings Disaster If It's South Carolina-Oregon

CBS will be rooting hard against these two teams.

The Final Four is 75 percent set.

This year's Final Four will feature: No. 7 seed South Carolina, No. 1 seed Gonzaga, No. 3 seed Oregon and No. 1 seed North Carolina/No. 2 seed Kentucky.

It's possible that this year's national championship game will be No. 7 seed South Carolina against No. 3 seed Oregon.

From a TV ratings perspective, that would be an absolute disaster. Sure, the game could be good, and both teams are playing really well, but the average American is not going to watch a game that features the Gamecocks and the Ducks.

CBS is rooting hard against this.

These games would probably be the best, from a TV perspective:

  1. Gonzaga vs. North Carolina
  2. Gonzaga vs. Kentucky
  3. South Carolina vs. North Carolina
  4. South Carolina vs. Kentucky
  5. Gonzaga vs. Oregon
  6. South Carolina vs. Oregon

South Carolina Is Going To The Final Four

The Final Four is set for Saturday.