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The Refs Missed A Huge Call At The End Of The Florida-South Carolina Game

Florida and South Carolina players at the end of the second half.

This call changed the game.

South Carolina caught a lucky break when the refs missed a call near the end of the Gamecocks' Elite Eight win against Florida this afternoon. Up by two with less than a minute on the clock, South Carolina used a long pass to inbound the ball.

Duane Notice ran the length of the floor to catch the ball, but noticeably took too many steps without dribbling the ball -- but the refs didn't call a travel.

Notice clearly takes four steps after catching the ball, which should result in a travel, and change of possession. The would give Florida the ball with just over 50 seconds remaining in the game.

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The Gators eventually fouled, and Notice went to the free throw line.

The end result?

The Gamecocks came back from a halftime deficit to stun Florida with a 77-70 win and a trip to the Final Four for the first time in program history.

South Carolina will face Gonzaga in a national semifinal contest on Saturday.