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This Is The Best NCAA Tournament Bracket After The First Round

This is the best NCAA Tournament bracket after one round.

If your bracket is in shambles after last night's upset, you aren't alone. Sixteenth-seeded UMBC incinerated brackets nationwide.

There are no perfect brackets on ESPN. None on CBS Sports. None on Yahoo either.

Amazingly, 3.4 percent of people on ESPN actually chose UMBC to upset Virginia. They just had losses elsewhere in their brackets.

So, who has the best bracket in the world right now? Well, someone on Yahoo picked 31 of 32 games correct.

My Superb Bracket is pretty damn superb right now. Sure, they missed on Virginia, but pretty much everyone did.

It was also their only loss. That's impressive.

You can see the Yahoo bracket standings here. You can see My Superb Bracket's Final Four picks below.

My Superb Bracket is in pretty good shape going into Saturday's games. Two of their Final Four teams, including runner-up Michigan, will lay it on the line today.

How does your bracket stack up against this one?