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This Old Photo Of Rick Pitino Is Going Viral

Rick Pitino is back in the news. This time, however, he didn't do anything of his own volition to warrant his name being mentioned.

Well, at least not lately. Five years ago Louisville defeated Michigan in the NCAA title game to earn the school's third tournament championship.

On Tuesday morning, the NCAA handed down an official punishment for the university following its numerous recruiting infractions. In its decision, the NCAA forced Louisville to vacate 123 wins acquired from 2012-2015.

Among those is the 82-76 win the Cardinals secured over Michigan in the 2013 title game. Following the win, former Louisville head coach Rick Pitino got a tattoo touting the championship.

Check it out.

Now, there's no way Pitino is getting rid of this ink. Some of the Cardinals' players from that season have also expressed that championship can never be taken from them.

Should Pitino keep the tattoo, or get it re-worked?