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Tom Izzo Asked Why He Won't Comment On The Allegations

Tom Izzo speaking at the podium for Michigan State.

Michigan State's men's basketball coach was asked tonight why he won't comment.

Tom Izzo has been mostly quiet when it comes to speaking out against the allegations facing him and Michigan State. The Spartans' men's basketball coach hasn't said much in response to ESPN's bombshell Outside The Lines report.

The report alleges that Michigan State has had serious problems dealing with sexual assault allegations. Multiple allegations have been made against both MSU football and men's basketball players.

Izzo was grilled by an ESPN reporter on Sunday after Michigan State's comeback win at Maryland. He was polite and respectful in his answers, but didn't really say anything.

"I cooperated with every investigation. Every one. And I will continue to cooperate with every investigation. Every one,” Izzo said.

When prodded for something more, Izzo gave basically the same answer. He's not going to get into details.

Tonight, after Michigan State's win against Penn State, Izzo was once again asked about the allegations. And again, he's not really saying anything.

Izzo was asked why he won't speak further right now. His response:

Izzo will continue to get criticized for not speaking in detail until he does. It does seem like he'll eventually talk, but it might be a while.