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College Basketball Player Dunked On His Own Basket

Towson basketball's Solomon Uyaelunmo dunks on his own basket.

La Salle basketball.

Sometimes, even Division I athletes get turned around and confused. Unfortunately for Towson basketball's Solomon Uyaelunmo, a particularly bad example happened to him today.

The Tigers faced La Salle today in Atlantic City.

Early in the game, Uyaelunmo received an in-bounds pass from the side.

He was on the opposite end of the court, but thought that he had caught the defense unaware, and skied for an uncontested dunk.

The only problem? It was on his own team's hoop.

Towson could have used those two points, as they wound up falling in a pretty close one to La Salle, 57-51.

Uyaelunmo played 14 minutes, making his lone shot on the appropriate hoop to finish with two points.

The Explorers happily took the gaffe, as it helped them to a second-straight win. The club had lost its first 10 games of the season.

Towson falls to 4-8 with the loss.