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Watch: Verne Lundquist Takes A Rogue Basketball To The Face

Verne Lundquist reacts to getting hit in the face with a basketball.


CBS Sports' Verne Lundquist got hit square in the face by a stray basketball at today's matchup between West Virginia and Notre Dame.

CBS sportscaster Verne Lundquist may have retired from the college football game, but he's still very much involved in college basketball. The 76-year-old has been all over the place for March Madness, and today he was calling the West Virignia - Notre Dame matchup in Buffalo, New York. The broadcast got off to a suboptimal start, though, because even in sportscasting, there are apparently plenty of job hazards.

Exhibit A: Flying basketballs.

Check it out:

Oof. But in classic Lundquist fashion, he took the hit like a champ, giving off a huge grin as the ball is returned to West Virginia's Teyvon Meyers.

The funniest part is that his broadcast partner, Jim Spanarkel sees the incoming projectile at the last second and is able to react in terrified fashion moments before impact. Lindquist, however, is none the wiser that he's about to get clocked in the face, and his papers scattering in the wind afterward make it even funnier. I'm glad he's okay, of course, but I still can't stop watching the video.

“Oh, that hurts on replay,” Lundquist says after taking it to the noggin. “It’s a tougher sport than I thought."

We're going to miss you when you're officially retired, Verne.