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Video Catches Michigan Student Flipping The Double-Bird

A Michigan fan flips two middle fingers at the camera.

The Final Four is here.

Loyola-Chicago and Michigan tipped off just after 6:00 p.m. ET.

The game is in full swing and fans are feeling the action. Just before cutting to a commercial, the camera pans through a crowd of Michigan fans.

TBS' cameras just so happened to pick up a Michigan fan giving the camera the old double-bird. (That's two middle fingers for those who are unaware).

If that wasn't enough, he also appears to be shouting "f**k Sister Jean," the beloved Loyola-Chicago chaplain.

It's the Final Four and emotions are running high.

Possibly too high for a few of those in attendance.

In terms of actual game-play, it looked like Michigan was going to run away with it early, but the Ramblers have reeled the Wolverines back in. Michigan leads 15-12 with just under eight minutes left in the first half.