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Video: LaVar Ball Gives Halftime Speech To His AAU Team

LaVar Ball gives speech to AAU team.

The Big Ballers did not have a great day.

LaVar Ball's AAU team, the Big Ballers, got crushed on Saturday.

The team, which features his youngest son, LaMelo, lost to the Compton Magic, 109-57, at Orange Lutheran High School at the Magic Memorial Day Festival in Southern California.

A video of Ball's halftime speech to his team was obtained by USA TODAY.

Check it out:

Ball was reportedly getting into it with players from the other team, too.

Timmy Allen, who heckled Ball while running up and down the court at times Saturday while shutting down LaMelo, made sure to catch Ball’s attention after the crowd-pleasing dunk that put Compton ahead 74-24.

“I don’t like to back down to anybody, no matter who you are and LaVar is nobody different,’’ Allen told USA TODAY Sports. “So I said some stuff back.’’

Among the words Allen directed at Ball: “Big Baller, what?”

It was not a good day to be a big baller, apparently.