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Video Shows State Of Michigan Basketball's Plane After Accident

Michigan plane damaged after the crash.

The Wolverines' plane didn't make it up into the air today.

Michigan's men's basketball team had a scare trying to get to Washington, D.C. for the Big Ten Tournament earlier today.

The plane attempted to take off in high winds, but takeoff was aborted, and the plane skidded off the runway after strong braking.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. Here's the release from Michigan.

A student manager from Michigan has posted a video of the scene after the accident, showing what happened to the plane. "Scariest moment of my life," he wrote. "But we're all good."

Here's to Michigan's men's basketball team making it safely to Washington, D.C. for the tournament.

The Wolverines are set to play Illinois in the tournament's second round on Thursday at noon on BTN.