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Video: South Carolina Basketball Coach Frank Martin Throws Out Terrible First Pitch

Frank Martin might want to stick to basketball.

It's something that many fail to do well. From presidents to Olympic athletes, people from all over the world struggle to throw a baseball accurately. The trouble with that? Most of the time, these people are doing so on the largest of stages.

South Carolina basketball coach Frank Martin joined those who have struggled in the past. No, it wasn't in front of a massive crowd, but still, the hilarity and agony still existed.

Here's video of Frank Martin throwing out the first pitch at a minor league baseball game.

Just a bit outside. Now, we should state that we have seen worse performances, but still, we would expect better from Martin.

Martin led his team to a surprising run in the NCAA Tournament this year. The Gamecocks made it all the way to the Final Four after upsetting Duke and Florida.