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Watch: The LaVar Ball CNN Interview Was Just As Off The Wall As You'd Imagine

lavar cnn

What a moment in television history.

LaVar Ball made an appearance on "CNN Tonight with Don Lemon." The reason for his appearance was the back-and-forth between LaVar and President Donald Trump over the latter's reported role in helping bring LiAngelo Ball and his two UCLA teammates back from China after they were detained for shoplifting.

Trump didn't feel LaVar was grateful enough, tweeted about it, and well, next thing you know LaVar Ball is on CNN.

What followed was beyond even anyone's imagination. Chris Cuomo, filling in for Lemon, tried to ask Ball about the situation involving the President, but instead the Big Baller Brand CEO talked in circles, flustering Cuomo.

There was one sequence where LaVar basically begged Cuomo to thank him.

Another where he told Cuomo to go back and thank the doctor who delivered him into this world.

But wait, here is LaVar trying to pronounce Cuomo's name, saying it is "like Google Chrome."

There was a bunch of stuff about Trump in here, don't worry. It wasn't the most coherent conversation, as you can probably tell.

Finally, he ended it with a message for Trump, telling him to "have a Happy Thanksgiving, because Big Baller Brand is!"

There's so much more to digest in that cluster of a segment. Believe me, there's a lot of things we didn't even put in here, but were memorable moments.

Whether you hate LaVar or love him, it seems like it is a Big Baller world, and we are just living in it.