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Weird Kentucky Basketball Reference Made On CNN Last Night

Kentucky basketball was in the news last night, but it had nothing to do with the program.

Since John Calipari took over the Wildcats, Kentucky has been dominated by one-and-done athletes. Just this past year alone, De'Aaron Fox, Malik Monk, and Bam Adebayo signed to play at Kentucky. All three became major leaders on the team, and now after just on year, are headed to the NBA. A 30 For 30 is even in the works at ESPN on Calipari and his one-and-done policy.

What do Kentucky basketball and airstrikes in Syria have in common? The obvious answer is nothing. Don't tell that to retired Major General James Marks, who compared Kentucky's penchant for one-and-done basketball stars to the United States' foreign policy initiatives.

No, really.

Major General James "Spider" Marks explained that the U.S. used 50-60 Tomahawk cruise missiles in an airstrike on Syria. He went on to state that this was just the beginning of the attacks, and was not like Kentucky basketball, "one-and-done."

We're sure there is a better analogy out there, but hey, we're not the military strategists.

Meanwhile, Kentucky has three of the top 14 recruits in the 2017 class. It doesn't look like the one-and-done policy is leaving Kentucky any time soon.