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Watch: Woman Gets Her Ankles Broken In Middle Of New York City Street By Young Boy's Savage Crossover

A young boy crosses over a woman in the NYC streets.


Basketball is a New York City past-time, which one woman learned all too well when she tried to defend a young player as he dribbled across 23rd Street.

Twitter user Gillian Jordan posted video on Tuesday afternoon of the encounter. As she crosses the street, she comes across a young boy casually dribbling a basketball. She jokingly goes to defend him, and he unleashes four second of aggressive crossovers out of nowhere, which eventually put her on the ground. He then proceeds to jog across the street like nothing happened.

We're just glad Gillian's a good sport here, because this video is too good to not go viral.

Remember, if you're in New York, and you want to play some man-to-man D, wherever you are, you better be ready to get put on skates.