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Watch: D2 Basketball Player Got Dunked On So Hard By Wright State's Steven Davis, That His Teammate Ran Away

A Wright State player dunked on an opponent in ridiculous fashion.


Wright State's Steven Davis had a SportsCenter-worthy posterization in today's game against Division II Urbana.

Davis got the ball on a bounce pass while streaking to the hoop, with only Urbana guard Dalton Payton in his way. He climbed the ladder on Payton, slamming it home so hard that one of the Urbana players on the bench appeared to head for the doors.

We wouldn't want anything to do with that either, if we were one of the Blue Knights.

Wright State won the game 85-34. Davis had a remarkable game outside of his monstrous dunk. He scored 26 points in just 24 minutes on the floor, hitting eight of his 14 shots from the field.