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5 Reasons Louisville Fans Shouldn't Freak Out Just Yet

The Cardinals have lost 3 in a row.

There is a predictable spot in any movie where everything starts to suddenly go downhill. Louisville basketball fans have been watching that sad, sudden decline for the last three U of L games. But before the teary eyes, rainy scenes and nostalgic montages play over and over again in fans’ heads, remember: a happy ending usually follows the depressing part.

To be honest, depressing might not be an extreme enough word. After a nearly perfect basketball run and achieving the number one spot in the nation, the Cardinals lost to Syracuse at home. It was a great game, one that was lost by free throws and interesting choices during the final few possessions. Two consecutive road losses followed. Those losses were… well, the opposite of great games. In fact, they were slaps in the face to Louisville fans thinking that this team would beat the odds and not have that weird loss that the Cardinals always receive in January.

Not so fun fact about January: scientists have found that the third Monday of the year (the week of the two away losses) is the most depressing week of the year. I do believe they are onto something.

In spite of that, and in the efforts of keeping a little sanity before Monday’s game, here are 5 reasons Louisville fans should ignore both that scientific discovery and the sad basketball scenes reeling in their heads.

1. Pitino said post game that his main priority right now is to get Siva’s confidence back. The last player that he said that about? Luke Hancock (especially dealing with Luke's confidence in 3's shooting). Luke led all scorers (tied with Dieng) in the latest loss (Georgetown) with 12 points, nine of those being 3’s.

2. Losing three consecutive games after being ranked number one hasn’t happened to a team since 1989… granted, it has happened before. Oh, and by the way, that 1989 team was Duke. Duke went to the Final Four that year.

3. Pitino said this golden nugget post game: “Some people panic. We don’t panic at Louisville. We’re judged in March.”

4. Last year, U of L was basically the same team except for one thing: a strong offense. The last two (and a half of Syracuse, perhaps) games lacked the offensive creation that has sparked this year’s team into being number 1 potential. Let’s not discard that last year’s team, without the offensive firepower seen this year, still made it to the Final Four.

5. Film of Peyton Siva last March. Take a deep breath. We all know he's capable. 

Just a few things to keep in mind/to keep sanity until Monday night, when the Cards return home to face Pittsburgh.