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8 Takeaways From Week 5 In College Football -- Which Teams Are For Real?

Who's for real, who isn't?

How about that?! Nonstop suspense until the end. When you thought you knew which way things were going, all of a sudden the rug was pulled from under your feet. We knew some would live to see another day, while others would perish. It truly was one to remember.

I love Breaking Bad.

Anyways, this week’s 8 takeaways from college football will cover who’s for real and who isn’t, because that’s what the past week was all about. With plenty of great games throughout the day, we received plenty on insight on what teams are making strides and what teams still have a ways to go.

Teams That Are For Real

1. Alabama

“Mississippi is going to score points, I guarantee it.” 

That quote comes from ESPN's David Pollack. He sat on the Gameday set and emphatically predicted that Ole Miss, if nothing else, would score points against Alabama. The complete opposite turned out to be the case. I feel like I shouldn't have to even put Alabama in here, but considering some questions were raised in its first few games because it didn't beat teams 129-0, I wanted to point out that Alabama is still the best team in the country. Now, last week I said Oregon was the most impressive, and you can still make that case, but I think Alabama is the better team.

Things to know

  • The Tide just dominated this one. They had the ball 17 more minutes that Ole Miss and held the Rebels to 200 yards of total offense. That's impressive.
  • The only ranked opponent Alabama plays the rest of the way is LSU. If I had to guess? Alabama enters the SEC Championship Game undefeated.
  • I don't want Ohio State to play Alabama

2. Stanford

Did we already know this? I think so. Are we sure of it now? I think so. Stanford is a brute of a team, and while many may think its a team that's boring to watch, know that the Cardinal scored 34 points or more in each of its games this year. Stanford is both balanced and tough, and that's a deadly combo in college football. We'll get an even better read on the Cardinal next week as they take on a No. 15 Washington team that is 4-0.

Things to know

  • The score was 17-3 after the first half and Washington State actually thought it had a chance to win.
  • While it has a fairly difficult schedule ahead, Stanford's toughest games -- Washington, UCLA, Oregon, and Notre Dame -- are all at home.

3. Georgia

So UGA lost to Clemson, get over it. I like the Bulldogs and felt like if they could have executed better at times, they could have handled LSU pretty easily. But LSU is a good team, too, and Georgia took care of business even if it wasn't always pretty. Georgia's remaining difficult game will be against Florida, but I think the Bulldogs will have too much firepower for the Gators. I think we can all see where this is heading, right? You know, the SEC Championship game. Alabama. Rematch. BCS implications.

Things to know

  • I chose Georgia over Oregon or Clemson because I feel that those two already undoubtedly solidified their identities. No one was really sure how Georgia would continue after that Clemson loss, but I think the Bulldogs will continue to improve.
  • Georgia fans seemed to indeed explode between the hedges.

Teams That Aren't For Real

4. Oklahoma State

The Cowboys had high expectations entering this season. There were hopes for a Big 12 championship and a BCS berth. Well, you may want to kiss both of those dreams goodbye after a sad loss to a West Virginia team that was coming off a 37-0 loss to Maryland and almost lost to William & Mary in week 1. Maybe the Cowboys can win out and make some noise, but after this loss, you have to wonder how talented they really are.

Things to know

  • With Oklahoma State proving it might not be as good as people thought, Oklahoma appears to once again be the team to beat in the Big 12.

5. Notre Dame

Of course I have to take a shot at Notre Dame! But honestly, even I didn't think the Irish would miss Everett Golson as much as they do. His versatility and knack for making clutch plays are things Notre Dame desperately need. I like Notre Dame bouncing back next week against Arizona State, and it should be favored each week until the Stanford game, but you have to wonder if Irish fans are happy with a 9-3 season coming off a National Championship appearance.

Things to know

  • I was surprised by Oklahoma, who seems to be much more balanced, and therefore much more effective, than in years past.
  • At least Notre Dame is still in first place in its conference.

6. South Carolina

This is funny. We had some viral videos leading up to this one. Even though South Carolina was able to come away with the victory, you have to think UCF fans feel like the real winners here. I never liked South Carolina as a true national title contender and I think this unimpressive victory shows that it's not a top-15 team.

Things to know

  • Both teams had four turnovers.
  • South Carolina running back Mike Davis had 167 yards rushing on 26 carries along with three touchdowns.

Teams We Still Aren't Sure About

7. Ohio State

I expected the Buckeyes to whack Wisconsin on Saturday and I really don't think it had anything to do with my Ohio State bias. I thought Ohio State would be able to run the ball against the Badgers and would put up around 50 points. Though they played efficiently, the Buckeyes were stopped on a few short yardage situations and stalled in some key moments. The defense still gave up big chunks of yards and it seems like Ohio State still has a ways to go before considering it a true contender.

Things to know

  • Braxton Miller played well, but not amazing. Ohio State didn't have any turnovers, which you can credit Miller for, but there were moments when you thought he needed to make a play and simply didn't.
  • You should consider Wisconsin's Jared Abbrederis for your fantasy football team next year.

8. Florida State

The Seminoles are 4-0, great, but can they beat a quality opponent? They'll be tested in the upcoming weeks with matchups against Maryland and then Clemson. Florida State is averaging 51 points per game. The question is how will Jameis Winston respond on the big stage? In all honesty, I think that's what he's made for.

Things to know

  • Florida State trailed 14-3 after the 1st quarter.
  • Jameis Winston was also Florida State's leading rusher with 67 yards.

Get ready for another good slate of games next Saturday.