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Kentucky Is Improving, But The Wildcats Still Have A Long Way To Go

"8 A.M. work outs starting tomorrow."

After a 38-point victory over a young, scrappy Lipscomb team, Coach Calipari said there needed to be more change if the Cats want to win upcoming games.

Lipscomb is the third youngest team in the country and played a rough game, as there were four technical fouls between the teams. Two of the technicals were assessed to Lipscomb's Deonte Alexander, who was disqualified for the rest of the game. According to Lipscomb's head coach, Scott Sanderson, Kentucky started out the second half slowly - something his team should have capitalized on. To close the victory, UK went on a 35-11 run late in the second half. But yesterday's game was more about progress and change than another win.

One of the noticeable changes was in sophomore forward, Kyle Wiltjer. Previously, Wiltjer has been in a shooting slump, but yesterday, Kyle went 7-for-9 from three-point range. Eight three-pointers were made by the team as a whole. In addition, Kyle had 23 points and 12 rebounds. Coach Cal said that he was more concerned with the amount of rebounds Kyle had, not the points.

Another change for Kentucky fans to keep their eyes on is Ryan Harrow. Today, Harrow had 12 points, his first game scoring in double digits for the Wildcats. Harrow also had two assists and two steals. According to Ryan, Coach Cal's post game speech was kept short by saying "8 A.M. work outs starting tomorrow."

An aspect of the game that Coach Cal and Lipscomb's head coach Scott Sanderson both noticed is the team's listening skills. According to Sanderson, listening is a skill just like dribbling and shooting. "Cal has a bunch of really good players but the bottom line is, will those kids listen?" Sanderson said. Coach Cal later agreed with Sanderson and said he needed his players to actually hear him and perform what he coaches. During the press conference, Scott Sanderson added "Without question, the Kentucky fan base is the best fan base in the country because they come to see Kentucky", said Sanderson: "It's the greatest environment in college basketball."

With 21,323 rocking Rupp against Lipscomb, fans are excited to see improvement in the team - but is it enough to compete with the best teams in the country?

Coach Calipari will utilize winter break by having multiple practices a day and hopes to see more change in the team, especially with an upcoming rivalry game. The Cats play Louisville on Dec. 29 in the Yum! Center. They'll need to pick up pace if they want to compete with the 8-1, 6th-ranked Cardinals.