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Photos: Meet Allie LaForce, CBS' Newest Big-Time Sideline Reporter And "Lead Off" Co-Host

A dream girl for sports guys everywhere.

With March Madness starting to kick in and the NCAA Tournament right around the corner, college basketball fans are about to be in for a real treat -- and I'm not even talking about the games.

No, I'm talking about the recently promoted Allie LaForce, who will be roaming the sidelines for CBS during NCAA Tournament coverage. She will be joining the team of Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel, and will undoubtedly be turning heads the second she gets on camera.

We scoured social media and other news outlets to rake up everything you ever wanted to know about LaForce.

Check out photos of Allie LaForce and learn everything you need to know about the beautiful (and incredibly smart) new sideline reporter >>

Where did she come from?

Alexandra Leigh LaForce hails from Vermilion, OH. She is part of a family of five -- her mother Lesa was Former Miss Ohio in 1977 and a cheerleader and tennis player at Kent State, while her father Wade is a former college football player (Wittenburg University) who now works in technical support for computer software.

Allie also has two younger siblings -- her brother Jack is a linebacker for the Mt. Union Purple Raiders, and her sister AuBree is a four-sport athlete at Vermilion high school. Safe to say that sports run in this family.

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How old is Allie LaForce?

Allie was born on December 11th, 1988 -- she is currently 24 years old. She graduated from the Honors Tutorial College at Ohio University in 2011 with a degree in broadcast journalism .

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Where did Allie LaForce get started?

Allie first came onto the scene way back in high school. She organized a fundraiser, Teens for Tsunami, that raised over $1200 for the Red Cross. Not only was she generous and caring, but extremely smart as well -- she was the valedictorian of her class.

She was also involved in the Miss Teen USA pageant -- in 2005, she won Miss Teen USA (like her mother 28 years prior) representing the state of Ohio.

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What does Allie LaForce stand for?

We've already mentioned her charity work organizing a fundraiser for tsunami victims, but LaForce has always been interested in social issues -- mainly focusing on drug and alcohol awareness. This was her platform in Miss Teen USA, and it is something she still feels strongly about today:

Also, her Twitter describes her goal in life as "to always be challenged." In addition, she states her priorities as "God, Family, and that order."

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How did Allie LaForce get started in sports media?

As already stated, sports run in the LaForce family. But not only were her parents and siblings active in sports, Allie was as well. In fact, Allie played college basketball in her time at Ohio University.

Her first sports media job was with Nike, who hired her a field reporter for Midwest football recruiting. She then moved on from that to become a sideline reporter, color analyst, and studio host for SportsTime Ohio, covering mainly the MAC and high school sports.

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Where is Allie LaForce now?

Allie is currently working for CBS Sports, co-hosting the morning show "LEAD OFF" with Doug Gottlieb. The show is a mix of commentary and debate on the top issues in college sports.

And of course, starting with the NCAA Tournament, Allie will be roaming the sidelines for college basketball -- expect to see a lot more of this woman soon, as her already impressive resume continues to grow.

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