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The 15 Types Of College Football Fans You'll Meet In Your Lifetime

College football fans are the best...well, either that or they're the worst. Their passion, their devotion and their pure love of the game is unmatched, and it's often remarkable to see the lengths to which fans will go to support their schools. But while some people find these fans passionate, others find them crazy. 

They come in all forms. There are fans who do everything they can to relive their glory days. There are fans who look at everything through rose-tinted glasses. There are some who get way too into things, going as far as to threaten athletes for how they perform on the field. Can fans go over the line? Sure, but remember - fan is short for fanatic, after all.

We decided to take a look at the 15 kinds of fans in college football. Do you or anyone you know appear anywhere on this list? Most likely, the answer is yes.

The Fan Who Lives In The Past

The two main characteristics? The fan is usually older, and the program isn't nearly as successful as when they were in school. This could be because the program has fallen on hard times recently, or because the team was so good back in the day that the fan just wants to relive his or her halcyon days.

Perhaps there was an iconic player or coach whose shoes haven't been filled since they left, and maybe that's something that really irks these fans. Regardless, it's hard to imagine that (insert school here) will ever be as good as they were in (insert year here).

Next: Twitter Death Threat Fan 

The Twitter Death Threat Fan

These people are the worst. These "fans" usually come out after watching a star player miss two potential game-winning free throws at the end of regulation, or seeing a much-maligned quarterback throw four interceptions in a rivalry game that the team loses. In short, all hell breaks loose. 

These guys will tweet at players, find out their email addresses and phone numbers, and say the nastiest things you've ever heard in your life. 

Next: Old Man In The Student Section

The Fan In Their 40s Who Tries To Sit In The Student Section

Listen, I graduated a few months ago and I miss college, too. I'm not far enough out that I understand the longing to relive your collegiate days, but it makes sense that someone would want to go back and remember the good times. Still, as a general rule of thumb - if you're old enough that your children could be in college, don't go into the student section. It's just weird.

It's ESPECIALLY weird when you get waaaaay too into being in the student section. Even worse, it's borderline terrifying when older people rag on current students for not being as into the game as they are.

Next: The "Amateurism Forever" Fan

The Fan Who "Will Stop Watching" If Players Start Getting Paid

Ugh. There's a massive difference between what happens on and off the field, and barring a player committing a crime, what they do off the field is their business. It won't impact the quality of play at all. In fact, South Carolina lineman A.J. Cann suggested that players would play harder if they were paid. But this doesn't matter, because the spirit of amateurism would be dead or something.

Besides, it's not like it's unreasonable for players to want a cut of the nearly $1 billion dollars brought in every year by the NCAA. Totally unrelated: Mark Emmert made nearly $2 million in 2012.

Next: The Eternal Optimist

The Eternal Optimist

There's something lovable about the "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" people. Sure, their team's head coach has never had a winning season in his six years at the helm, and the team itself might as well be composed of a bunch of blind dogs, but dammit, this is the year it's going 11-1 and winning the conference. Of course, when the team ends up going 3-9, these people are absolutely devastated. 

">July 15, 2014

You can bet your bottom dollar that these people will find a silver lining no matter what, and that usually involves their right guard being named an All-Conference honorable mention.Next: The PessimistThe Constant PessimistOn the other side of the coin.. Their team, which was projected to win five games and not qualify for the postseason, just went 10-2 and won a BCS bowl game? "Eh, something's gonna go wrong, I just FEEL it." The coaching staff just brought in a top-three recruiting class for the first time in 25 years? "Yeah, well we've been burned by recruits not panning out before, I'm not getting my hopes up." 

">June 25, 2014

These people usually ignore things like facts and statistics, and instead rely on gut feelings -- which are usually wrong -- to shape their opinions on things. 

Next: Fans Who Say "We"

"We" Fans

This is a big group - many of us have done this a million times: I refer to the team I cheer for like I'm one of its players or coaches or ball boys or something. I never say that (my team) is going to surprise some people this year, I say that WE'RE going to surprise some people this year. I talk about my favorite team's players like I have a 12:30 tee time with them tomorrow, when in reality, none of its players are aware of my existence. There are plenty of other fans like me, and we're a passionate and slightly insane bunch. 

If you aren't a "we" fan, well, then you're probably annoyed by them.

Next: "Fire The Coach" Fan

The Fan Who Wants Their Coach Fired, No Matter What

Maybe a coach had one bad year (hi Will Muschamp). Maybe his system goes against what certain fans want. Maybe he said one thing that rubbed someone the wrong way once 29 years go while he was a linebacker coach at a D-III school. Even if he has 12 straight undefeated seasons, it doesn't matter, because these people won't rest until their team's coach loses his job. 

">August 27, 2013

They're essentially human versions of thatdonkey from "Family Guy" that refused to admit that Kevin Bacon was in "Footloose."Next: The Bandwagon FanThe Bandwagon FanWhile bandwagon fans are generally horrible, the worst thing about them is that they're completely shameless. You're a fan of UConn basketball and Florida State football huh? Weird combo. While you'd normally expect that someone who changes teams so frequently would be silent, they have no issue telling you that they supported Louisville and Alabama a year ago. Either that, or they burn everything that suggests they every cheered for someone else, and when you call them out on their tomfoolery, the response is always, "I've always been a (team) fan!" 

Long story short, bandwagon fans are horrible.Next: The Fan Who Only Supports FootballThe Fan Who Supports Football But Not BasketballI went to Penn State, and these people exist in droves. This usually goes along with the bandwagon fan: one of the teams really sucks, while the other team is iconic, and people are ashamed to associate with the former. It also doesn't help that the school is in an area where one sport is a big deal -- in Penn State's case, football is like a religion in central Pennsylvania -- and the other isn't. Another example of this is Illinois. Here's the student section during basketball games. Here's the student section during football games


— TheUnderdogs (@_TheUnderdogs_)

Pickup games at the IM bldg have more ppl watching RT @bflip33: AND THE BJC IS GOING MILD.

— Locked and Loaded Kinderguardian (@_TheUnderdogs_) January 24, 2014

">January 24, 2014

Yikes.Next: The MuteThe MuteThese people are the exact opposite of what you think of when you normally picture a sports fan. Instead of being loud and boisterous about their fandom, they're silent. While everyone around them is singing team songs or cheering or doing the wave, they're frozen, claiming they're "too nervous" to take part. These people are kind of lame.It's good to have a few of them, because they mellow out the craziness of rabid fans, but they're still, you know, boring.Next: The ContrarianThe ContrarianWith the Skip Bayless-ization of sports discussion, there has been a gigantic rise of contrarians, people who will take a radical position on a stance that goes against what everyone else thinks because they want to complain about something. These are the people who will find a way to complain about a 63-0 win, or say something completely absurd about a point guard who averages a double-double and leads his team to a national title. 

">@Jaboowins is about to be the most over-hyped, overrated football player to come out of college the last 20 years.

— Drew Prince (@Drew_Prince23) July 15, 2014

You can usually point out which person in a group is the contrarian sports fan, because when they speak, all their friends roll their eyes. 

Next: The Delusional Fan

The Delusional Fan

These are the fans who make wild statements based on absolutely nothing. These are the people who claim their team would be the No. 1 team in America if they weren't in the MAC. There's almost something entertaining about these people, because while contrarians make up their stances, these people completely believe everything they're saying.

The best part is when their outlandish claims are proven wrong, because they always act like you just told them the deepest, darkest secrets of the American government.

Next: The Student Who Cheers For Another Team

The Student Who Cheers For Another School

We actually have two people on our own staff like this: I grew up a UNC hoops fan, but went to Penn State. Andrew Holleran grew up a Maryland fan but attended Ohio State. We're in agreement that if our two schools played, we'd cheer for the one we grew up supporting, which is kind of awful.

While we are in agreement that we'd be happy regardless of the result, that doesn't make it any less sad that we'd essentially be cheering for both teams. Feel free to make fun of us for being terrible fans.

Next: The Die-Hard

The Die-Hard

More than anything, sports fans fall under the umbrella of "die-hards." These are the people who eat, sleep, and breathe sports, and will go to the ends of the earth to show their support for one school. Usually, they're some combination of several of the other things that were listed before, only without many of the negative connotations that come along with those titles. 

">@Meech_Dream14 ya like me .lol — Terry Hoellrich (@BigBud379)

@Meech_Dream14 ya like me .lol

— Terry Hoellrich (@BigBud379) January 26, 2014

">January 26, 2014

They're loud, they're passionate, they're fun, and they're ultimately the best thing about college sports.

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