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This West Virginia Student Misses The Big East

It's just not the same.

The best time of the year is upon us -- the warm weather is en route and the best of college basketball is just a few weeks away. That's right, folks. It's almost March and that means March Madness is right around the corner. Teams are starting to realize their fate and whether they will make the 'Big Dance' or not.

For WVU, its chances of making the NCAA Tournament aren't great at the moment. In reality, the Mountaineers may end up in the NIT for the first time under Hall-of-Fame head coach Bob Huggins. The team has had a lackluster season, despite a weaker-than-average Big 12. But there is something else missing from this season.

Personally, this time of the year reminds me of the great times in the Big East Conference.

You heard that right -- WVU misses the Big East to some extent (whether or not that's hard to believe with the way the Mountaineers left). But yes, I know for a fact that the Big East was home to some of the greatest memories in WVU history.

While West Virginia's move to the Big 12 Conference was mostly due to revenue and football purposes, its basketball team has struggled with the adjustment. Don't get me wrong, football season was more exciting playing the likes of Texas and Oklahoma. Football was a blast (despite some of our struggles) with our senior quarterback and one-time Heisman candidate Geno Smith. WVU started the season 5-0, and for those five weeks, there was something special. Besides West Virginia's beating over Clemson in the Orange Bowl, it's really something I haven't experienced as a student/reporter.

But as March gets closer, I realize that this year's basketball season is much different. My freshman and sophomore years were full of awesome games with teams such as Syracuse, Notre Dame, Connecticut and even our big rival Pittsburgh (yuck). There was never a dull moment.

This basketball season has made me reminisce and cherish the moments my school shared with the Big East for many years. After all, this will be the one of the last years that this conference will truly be the Big East (as it was) with all the changes happening lately.

I leave you with this fond memory of WVU winning the Big East Tournament and eventually going to the Final Four back in 2010.

Happy March to the Big East from West Virginia University.