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Tom Izzo, Dicky V and MSU Alumni Show Their Appreciation For The Izzone

Braving the elements.

I think it’s safe to say that the Student Alumni Foundation and event staff at The Breslin Center stepped up the security and kept the crowd under control while students waited outside. Although there was still pushing and shoving when doors opened, the police presence kept things calm.

For the Indiana game, some Izzone members got to the Breslin Center the night before just to get good seats. With 20 degree temperatures, the gusty winds and snow fall, students got very creative with ways to stay warm. One group of individuals took a tarp and attached it to the medal poles and created a tent. Many huddled under this makeshift tent with mounds of blankets.

As one of the students who waited outside before the game, I can say that everyone was more than thankful for all the freebies we got including multiple boxes of pizza, Taco Bell, subs from Jimmy John's and hot chocolate.

Tom Izzo showed his appreciation for the student section and their commitment by coming out and high fiving students in line. Dick Vitale also came out with enthusiasm and took pictures with students. Among other things, the green man entertained the line by playing the violin.

Even with the tough loss, the Spartans continue to remain as one tight family. They'll always have The Big Ten Tournament in Chicago to beat the Hoosiers once and for all.