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Video: BYU Ran One Of The Worst Plays In College Football History Last Night

BYU's punter preparing for a fake punt.

BYU ran what might be the worst play in college football history on Thursday night.

There are some video game players who, when playing Madden for example, go for it on fourth down, regardless of where they're positioned on the field or how many yards they need to earn a first down. BYU basically did that on Thursday night against Boise State.

Trailing Boise State 14-10, BYU punter Jonny Linehan, from his team's own 5-yard-line, ran a fake on 4th-and-19. He was tackled after a loss of three at his own team's 2-yard-line. It has to be one of the worst play calls we've ever seen.

Somehow, Boise State didn't score on its ensuing possession because of an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and a missed field goal. But that doesn't make BYU's decision any better.