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Report: Big 12 Met With Administrators From Cincinnati, Discussed Possible Conference Expansion

Would a team from the Big 12 make it to the College Football Playoff if the conference had a championship game to decide its champion? It's a question that people have asked ever since the four Playoff teams were announced yesterday, and something that committee chairman Jeff Long suggested could have helped the conference.

">December 7, 2014

Today, a report by the Sporting News suggested that the conference may try to expand in the future, something that could indicate that the Big 12 may be interested in a conference title game down the road. According to the Sporting News, conference officials met with Cincinnati to discuss expansion.

Big 12 officials recently met with administrators from the University of Cincinnati, a source close to the university told Sporting News. That is not an indication membership will be offered to the Bearcats in the immediate future — only that they would be a candidate were such an expansion to be undertaken.

While Cincy is reportedly the only school that the conference has talked to, there are certainly plenty of other options. Schools from non-Power 5 conferences, like Memphis and BYU, will almost certainly be tempting options for a possible expansion, and have been listed as possible candidates in the past.

The Big 12 currently has 10 schools, so it would likely need to add two or four more schools for there to be two divisions and a conference title game. There's nothing to suggest that a plan for expansion is imminent, but this is certainly something to keep an eye on going forward.