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Utah Governor Suggests Big 12 Invite BYU

Another US governor has weighed in on Big 12 expansion. 

Houston was generally considered a prime target for the league, and the institution got a public endorsement yesterday from Texas governor Greg Abbott on Twitter. 

Yesterday morning, however, SB Nation published a compelling argument in favor of selecting BYU for expansion, citing conference, coaches and fans' desired quality for division games and competition level. 

After seeing the article, Utah Governor Gary Herbert seemingly wasted no time informing his fellow representative of majority opinion. He tweeted a link to the article along with a witty response to Abbott's endorsement of Houston:

">@BYU Governor.

— Gov. Gary Herbert (@GovHerbert)

I think you meant to say @BYU Governor. ?

— Gov. Gary Herbert (@GovHerbert) July 22, 2016

">July 22, 2016

Governor Abbott has not responded.

Do you agree with this argument in favor of adding BYU to the Big 12 before Houston?