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10 Notre Dame Twitter Accounts You Need To Be Following

Irish fanatics rejoice.

Fighting Irish faithful require constant coverage of Notre Dame athletics. Luckily for them, Twitter is a great tool to keep on top of all-things ND. But who provides the best updates? We've got it covered - here are ten Twitter accounts every Notre Dame fan should be following.

Who? Ryan Grooms
Handle: @NDFBEquipment
What? ND Equipment Manager
Why? Keeps fans on top of the latest in ND equipment, tweeting sneak peeks at new Irish gear.

Handle: @IrishChocolate9
What? ND Defensive Tackle
Why? Lovable big man. Tweets "IrishChocolate News" and posts hilarious videos of himself. Also promotes #autismawareness.

Handle: @HLS_NDtex
What? Her Loyal Sons Co-Editor
Why? Former team manager that brings solid analysis and humor to the table. 2007 ND graduate still obsessed with the program.

Handle: @hansenndinsider
What? Football beat writer for the South Bend Tribune
Why? Always first on breaking news for the Irish; also hosts multiple radio shows and is about as in-tune with ND football as anyone out there.

Handle: @NDatRivals
What? Rivals' Notre Dame Twitter Account
Why? Rivals provides solid coverage for almost all major schools/programs; Irish Illustrated provides amazing in-game analysis and the best practice observations anywhere.

Handle: @OneFootDown
What? SBNation Notre Dame Blog
Why? Looking for game tape breakdowns? These guys are all over it. If you need multiple ND updates every single day, it's a no-brainer.

Handle: @TNNDN
What? "Positive" ND Blog
Why? The blog focuses on the positives for ND. They host 4 radio shows per week and often have great guests. Former players, coaches and boosters regularly stop by.

Handle: @LepLegion
What? Student-Body Organization
Why? Student-run account equivalent to the Irish student section. Constant updates, analysis and tweets digging at opponents. Also tweets all giveaways for free ND gear.

Handle: @TheSubwayDomer
What? Independent ND Blog
Why? Pushes the envelope and always has wild ideas. The "Best NDFB Tweets" post each week is always worth reading.

Handle: @NDSportsBlogger
What? ND Digital Media Intern
Why? The most on-top-of-it of all. Flynt covers all ND sports, and constantly tweets news/updates on the program. He's as inside as an "insider" can get.