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2014 College Football Week 10: College Spun’s Staff Picks

Tuesday night, we finally got a look at the first official College Football Playoff rankings. Above all, one thing was abundantly clear - strength of schedule really, really matters. Notre Dame, a one-loss team whose opponents haven't exactly done it any favors, sits in 10th place. Auburn and Ole Miss, meanwhile, are currently part of the four-team field because of the quality of their slates. Moving forward, it's obvious that while teams from the SEC West will cannibalize each other, at least one will be part of the year-end competition.

This week, all four of the teams currently in the field will have tough tests. Florida State plays Thursday on the road at Louisville. Auburn and Ole Miss square off against each other in all-important SEC matchup. Even Mississippi State has a test against better-than-advertised Arkansas.

Here are our picks for the week. Let us know if you agree or disagree.

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