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8 College Football Stories That Would Break The Internet

It's no secret - when it comes to news, the first place we all check, in this day and age, is the Internet. When something breaks, within just a few minutes, you can find thousands of different people giving insight, making jokes, or just saying "wow!" It doesn't even necessarily have to be big news, it can be something incredibly simple.

Sports fans are notorious for it. If a player gets injured, or a coach gets fired, you can bet your bottom dollar that people are going to have a strong opinion on what happened. Sometimes they're unique, hilarious or insightful; sometimes they're incredibly bland and generic. Either way, if something happens, you're going to see what people think about it on the Internet.

Every now and then, a sports story (like Manti Te'o's catfishing tale) can cause the Internet to "break," or in simpler terms, make everyone stop what they're doing and take to Twitter/Facebook to offer up some kind of opinion. This can sometimes literally break either social media medium -- the sites have had server errors when too many people use it at once -- but more often than not, it's just a phrase that means "people on the Internet are having a little too much fun with this story."

In college football, there are plenty of instances that could hypothetically happen that would break the Internet. We decided to take a look at some of the most entertaining possibilities. It goes without saying, but these are all fake scenarios that probably won't happen any time soon.

A State Of Alabama Switcheroo >>>

Nick Saban Hired As The Head Coach At Auburn, Replaced By Lane Kiffin At Alabama

Can you imagine? A lot of stuff would happen here. People would go crazy because Nick Saban would leave the Crimson Tide to lead the team's bitter rival. People would go crazy because Lane Kiffin -- who hasn't exactly had the most successful career as a head coach -- would get another big-time head coaching job. The combination would turn social media into a war zone.

This would have a huge impact on the SEC landscape. Recruits who picked Alabama just because of Saban would likely decommit and flip to Auburn, and maybe some players would even look to leave due to Kiffin's history as a coach. And don't even get us started on Saban's reception during the first Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa after he left. He may have to coach from the press box, just for his own safety.

Every college football fan would have a strong opinion on this.

A Shot To The Lubbock Moneymaker >>>

Kliff Kingsbury Falls Down, Breaks His Face In Numerous Places

Texas Tech Red Raiders' head coach Kliff Kingsbury has built up a bit of a cult following among college football fans -- and non-college football fans -- for being a good looking guy. Nobody wants to see Kingsbury get hurt, but some people - like this lady -- would probably take it harder than most. 

Kingsbury has actually proven to be an exceptional coach - he mentored Johnny Manziel during his Heisman Trophy winning season at Texas A&M and was promptly hired by Texas Tech to be its new head man. But the running joke, at least online, is that he looks exactly like actor Ryan Gosling. A hit to the facial structure would do far more damage than a 2-10 record.

This kind of thing might not have as large of an impact on the competitive balance of the sport, but it sure would set Twitter afire.

Notre Dame Finally Gives In >>>

Notre Dame Joins The Big Ten

No school is more steadfast about its (lack of) football ties to a conference than Notre Dame. For the Fighting Irish, not being in a conference opens up a ton of doors, like letting the school build its own schedule and agreeing to an exclusive TV deal with NBC. Given how proud ND is of its current standing, it would be absolutely shocking for the school to join a conference. 

This is what makes a potential move to the Big Ten so interesting. The conference has reportedly tried to lure Notre Dame several times, and in every instance, the school has reportedly shot it down. Imagine what would happen if Notre Dame finally cracked and decided to join the Big Ten. All of the school's current agreements for contests would probably need to be voided, because Notre Dame would need to play (starting in 2016) nine Big Ten games. Things like TV contracts would be up in the air. Notre Dame would seem hypocritical for joining a conference after being so firmly against the idea for so many years.

Then there's the ACC. Notre Dame's other teams currently compete in that conference. What would happen there? People in the ACC would probably be furious, as they'd likely feel like they were used by Notre Dame while the football team looked for a real conference. Long story short, ND football moving would set a lot of wheels in motion with drastic outcomes.

Too bad it will never happen. Hey, speaking of teams flipping conferences...

A Big-12 Horror Story >>>

Texas joins the Pac-12, Oklahoma joins the SEC, The Red River Showdown Is Indefinitely Suspended

This would suck. Not only for the fact that Texas and Oklahoma would leave the Big 12 -- which would be huge in its own right -- but that the two schools would have to end what is one of the best rivalries in football.

The scary thing here is that this could happen pretty easily. Texas was reportedly entertained with the possibility of joining the Pac-12, and Oklahoma has also considered leaving the Big 12. Let's say the two schools leave for different conferences, which isn't necessarily a crazy thought. That would mean that the Red River Showdown would effectively be over. Texas has already had one longstanding rivalry (Texas A&M) come to an end because of conference ties, perhaps the same would happen in this instance. Of course, that would be terrible, because this is a fantastic rivalry that should be played until the end of time. Let's hope this never happens.

Webb, McCarron, Manziel >>>

Katherine Webb, A.J. McCarron Break Up, Johnny Manziel Swoops In

The biggest story of the 2013 BCS National Championship Game -- other than Alabama absolutely destroying Notre Dame -- was the emergence of Katherine Webb as a superstar. Webb is a former Miss Alabama USA, and made headlines for being the girlfriend of Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron. The two became the sport's "it" couple, as Webb was an Auburn graduate who was dating the star of Alabama. The two are now married.

The biggest story in college football during 2012-13 was the rise of Johnny Manziel, a redshirt freshman quarterback at Texas A&M whose exciting style of play on the field was sometimes overshadowed by his wild antics off the field. Manziel was arrested, was a notorious partier, and was often seen with attractive women.

If Webb and McCarron broke up -- which we hope doesn't happen, since they seem like awesome people -- and Webb started dating Manziel, it would cause Twitter to erupt. It would inspire about 10,000,000 horrible jokes. Know what? I really hope this doesn't happen. Ever.

Penn State's Uniform Switch-Up >>>

Penn State To Get New Uniforms

At Penn State, uniforms are are sacred. The Nittany Lions' blue and white unis are arguably the most beautiful and iconic in the entire sport. They're so iconic that when even the smallest change is made, like Penn State adding names to the back of its jerseys, fans are outraged, because they view it as "messing with tradition."

Now imagine that Nike announces that the school has agreed to become Oregon-esque, and that it will adopt outrageous uniforms that feature wild graphics and color schemes that are way different from the current classic uniforms. People would absolutely freak out - those who are fans of the school, and people who hold things like "tradition" sacred in college football.

While there might be a small part of each of us that probably wonders what a crazy Nike jersey for Penn State would look like, the outcry from the general public would be overwhelming.

Georgia's Reasoning For Firing Mark Richt >>>

Georgia Fires Mark Richt, Cites A "Lack Of Institutional Control"

One of my favorite jokes on the Internet is the "Mark Richt has lost control of his team" meme. The perception is that attitude issues and off-the-field trouble will sometimes derail Georgia, and that Richt allows these things to happen, leading to him "losing control" of his squad. Is there any proof of this? Not really, but it makes for a good joke on the Internet.

Now, imagine that Richt gets fired, and it is because he lost control of his football team. My God, it would be chaos. People would start making fun of the Georgia program and Richt like crazy. Would it necessarily be his fault? Not really, because for all of the criticisms of Richt, he has done a pretty good job disciplining players. That still wouldn't stop people from making their best "Mark Richt has lost control of his team" jokes, like "Mark Richt has lost control of his employment situation." I'm already rolling my eyes.

Braxton Miller's Conundrum >>>

Braxton Miller Transfers To Michigan For Final Season

Imagine: Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett steps in for Braxton Miller this year and absolutely tears it up for the Buckeyes. Next thing you know, there's a QB controversy in Columbus: does Urban Meyer head into 2015 with Miller or Barrett under center? The Buckeyes get through spring practice, and Meyer makes up his mind: this will be J.T. Barrett's team.

Of course, this would mean Miller needs to go to a place where he can get playing time, so he announces his transfer, and that he will be immediately eligible under the NCAA's graduate student transfer rule. This would be a huge story. Now imagine he chooses to go to Michigan and that OSU somehow allows it. This would be the biggest college football story of the year, and it wouldn't be close.

Not only would this move change the college football landscape in 2015, but it would make next year's OSU/Michigan game by far the most compelling game of the season. 

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