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8 Takeaways From Week 3 In College Football

If nothing else, know these 8 things.

The college football season is unfolding before our eyes, and it is a beautiful disaster like always. Here are eight things to take away from the third week of action. 

1. TCU is nowhere near the TCU of old

The Horned Frogs lost an ugly one Thursday night against Texas Tech, which is now 3-0. TCU is now 1-2, and though Trevone Boykin has shown the ability to make plays, he has also shown the ability to turn the ball over.

Things to know

  • Boykin had 101 yards on the ground for the night, but just a 28.6 quarterback rating
  • The Horned Frogs had 13 penalties for 115 yards
  • Texas Tech has started 3-0 for the third straight season

2. Alabama is still really good, but so is Johnny Manziel

A.J. McCarron showed he could win a shoot-out, so there’s that. Manziel provided the fireworks we expected him to, but when Alabama safety Vinnie Sunseri intercepted his third quarter pass and returned it for a score, the deficit became too much for A&M. 

Things to know

  • Mike Evans ran streak after streak after streak and finished with 279 yards receiving
  • McCarron threw four TDs and no INTs

3. We still don’t know that much about Michigan

So Michigan beat Notre Dame and everyone thought the Wolverines were for real. Then, they almost lose to Akron, and we are once again unsure. Brady Hoke has recruited extremely well, so we know there are players there, somewhere. It’s going to be interesting watching the Wolverines going forward and seeing what kind of team they become.

Things to know

  • Akron had two more first downs than Michigan
  • Devin Gardner threw three interceptions, but had 103 rushing yards

4. Notre Dame may be in for a long year

Notre Dame isn't a bad team, but it looked putrid against a Purdue squad that was whacked by Cincinnati. You can give as much credit to Purdue as you like, but it may turn out to be a disappointing year for the Irish considering their always-difficult schedule. I don't like how much the Irish are depending on Tommy Rees instead of the running game, which was their identity last season. Next up for Notre Dame is Michigan State, which, fortunately for the Irish, can’t throw the ball.

Things to know

  • Tommy Rees threw for 309 yards and has now thrown for over 300 yards each game this season
  • Purdue only had 38 rushing yards

5. The Big Ten went 1-3 against the Pac-12

Nebraska started off well enough against UCLA, but Brett Hundley eventually took over as the Bruins' defense shut out Nebraska in the second half. It's hard to say what exactly happened at the endof that Wisconsin-Arizona State game, but whatever it was kept the Sun Devils undefeated and put the Badgers at 2-1.

And I'm actually impressed by Illinois. Though it lost to Washington, the Illini appear to be a competitive team this year. The Big Ten's lone win was Ohio State over Cal, which I'll say more about in a moment.

Things to know

  • Penn State, another Big Ten squad, lost to UCF
  • Washington had a 300-yard passer and a 200-yard rusher in Keith Price and Bishop Sankey, respectively
  • Arizona State had twice as many first downs as Wisconsin

6. Ohio State's defense is not where it needs to be

Urban Meyer made a post-game statement that he expected there to be a lot of yards in the Buckeyes' match-up against Cal, and I agree, but there were still some troubling sights on the defensive side of the ball: missed tackles, missed assignments, and simply being out-played at times. The Buckeyes need to tighten things up before they play... oh yeah, I forgot - they don't really play anyone.

Things to know

  • Ohio State scored 21 points in the first six minutes of the game
  • The Buckeyes were 4-4 on fourth down conversions
  • Cal freshman quarterback Jared Goff threw for 371 yards

7. Oregon has been the most impressive team in the country

You can say its opponents have been weak, that's fair, but the fact is the Ducks look scary good right now.

Things to know

  • Marcus Mariota is really good
  • De'Anthony Thomas is a machine
  • Oregon had 687 yards of offense compared to Tennessee's 316
  • Oregon is really good

8. Louisville beat an SEC team

Yes, it was Kentucky. And no, it wasn't an overly impressive victory. But at least we know the Cardinals aren't a giant bust. Right? We know that, right? Unfortunately we'll have to wait about 20 weeks to find out because we won't seem them play a quality opponent until bowl season.

Things to know

  • Kentucky played Kentucky football and went 0-13 on third down conversions