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Adidas' New Uniforms Leave Much To Be Desired

Still behind Nike.

Editor's Note: You can see the full version of the uniforms for each team here.

Adidas announced this week via Twitterthat it will be unveiling new basketball uniforms for Baylor, Cincinnati, Louisville, Notre Dame and UCLA to wear in the NCAA Tournament next month.

The new looks are being revealed pieces at a time depending on how fast fans spread the word through retweets. Now this may be rather annoying (it appears there are four parts to each picture), but it is brilliant marketing. Adidas gains followers and forces people to retweet the uniform pieces if they want to see the whole thing. A smart move from a company that plays second fiddle to Nike in the college uniform game.

The jerseys themselves, however, leave a lot to be desired.

Though we won't know until the final unveil, these duds look a lot like the "Revolution 30" uniform worn by Baylor, Louisville and Cincinnati last March. The Revolution 30 set featured bright colors and some kind of zebra-camo motif that didn't exactly go over well. The previews thus far of what Adidas is calling "impact camo" appear to include a design similar to last year's look. It's also starting to sound like these will have sleeves like the jerseys debuted by the Golden State Warriors last week. Yikes.

It's time the sports world sat Adidas down and had an intervention.

Adidas, I get what you're trying to do, innovation this, cutting edge that, 30% lighter and all that good stuff. It's an admirable pursuit, but it needs to stop. This year has already seen a line of monochrome jerseys rolled out by the three stripes, many of which looked rather bland. Now it looks like we're headed for another March filled with zebra camo and, apparently, sleeves. Last time I checked most basketball players don't like playing in sleeves because it affects their shot. I understand that basketball jerseys may look silly on regular people, but these are elite college athletes we're talking about - they have the physiques to make the sleeveless look work.

Compare Adidas' latest experiment to what Nike conjured up this year.

Simple yet different. These garnered mixed reviews, but so will any uniform change. Sure, some people thought it was weird to put the team name on the back of the jersey and others noted that they looked more like practice jersey, but overall I think it was a refreshing deviation from the norm, and not a single zebra stripe to be found.

In my mind, Adidas has always been playing catch-up to Nike when it comes to uniform design, and it looks like they still have some catching up to do.