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Adidas Unveiling New Uniforms For Notre Dame, UCLA, Louisville, Cincinnati And Baylor In Puzzle Format On Twitter

Cool or annoying?

Editor's Note: You can now see the full version of the uniforms for each team here.

Adidas is going all in...on social media. The sports apparel company is slowly unveiling new uniforms for five college basketball teams, asking that fans retweet every time the company releases another portion (there are four for each) of the jersey.

Fans of Notre Dame, UCLA, Louisville, Cincinnati and Baylor have been retweeting like crazy to see their school's finished product. While I'm not sure if most people find this cool or annoying, it's definitely different, and you've got to credit Adidas for knowing how to use social media to its advantage.

Here are the latest versions of each jersey. We'll update them as Adidas does.