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Alabama Commit Blake Barnett Claims A Notre Dame Fan Told Him He Hopes He Tears His ACL

For reasons unknown, some college football fans think it's okay to tweet nasty things at recruits after they choose to commit to another school. Sadly, it somehow now comes with the territory - if you're a big-time high school athlete, you're going to wind up disappointing multiple fan bases when it comes time to decide where you'll play at the collegiate level. Alabama quarterback commit Blake Barnett claims to have experienced a great deal of negativity after committing to the Crimson Tide a few weeks ago. According to CBS Sports' Bruce Feldman, Barnett says that right after decommiting from Notre Dame, he had an Irish fan wish injury upon him.

">July 8, 2014

This doesn't come as a surprise. A quick look at any of Barnett's Instagram posts and you'll see a number of users attacking him for deciding against Notre Dame.

It's important to note that this is not a problem exclusive to Irish fans - there are supporters within every fan base who often go too far. Perhaps it's time that the online sports community, collectively, grows up a bit.