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An Individual With An AT&T Cell Phone In Los Angeles Contacted 'Player Wives' About Taking Down Their Lennay Kekua Post On December 6th

This doesn't stop getting weird. is a site dedicated to just that - wives (and girlfriends) of professional athletes. They ran a heartwarming story earlier this fall on Lennay Kekua, the now decidedly fake person whom Manti Te'o was said to be dating. They're also running something now that's pretty interesting in the wake of what's transpired today.

The site claims that at/around December 6th, their story was one of the first to show up on search engines for the term "Lennay Kekua". They claim that on that day, three emails were sent to the site, all in "rapid fire", by Kekua's sister "Uilani" asking that the post be taken down. Two of them, which were identical, had Kekua's name spelled incorrectly as "Lekua". Here's what the site had to say about it.

"Urgent requests to handle changes have come to us in the past, but rarely increasingly agitated emails within 20 minutes of the prior. Minutes later, we received a third email from her, which was an exact copy and paste version of the first email noted above. Our site requires a contact form to be filled out as well as a simple math problem to verify that you are a human being and not a spambot. The individual posing as Uilani had to enter the system three times, and fill out the form to submit these contact forms. It's very possible that the heat from Deadspin was getting strong, or the idea that the story of Lennay Kekua was about to get even bigger during the Heisman campaign and the perpetrators behind the hoax got scared."

The emails in question came to us from an AT&T wireless device in Los Angeles, though further efforts to verify the emails have come up short, and no further information could be obtained.

December 6th is two days before the Heisman Trophy ceremony, for reference.

So it seems like someone was frantically trying to remove all mention of Kekua on the Internet, sending multiple emails in a quick period without following up on responses. I'd be surprised to hear that this was the only site contacted, but I'm sure we'll learn more as other sites release information. 

As for the reason behind the removal request, that remains to be seen. And as for the fact that the cell phone making the requests was based in Los Angeles, we cannot confirm that Lane Kiffin was involved. 

(That's a joke.)

More as we learn it.