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As A Die-Hard Notre Dame Fan, I NEVER Thought I Would Say This...

I'm mourning Michigan.

I never—and I mean NEVER—thought that I would say this, but I’m going to miss Michigan.

Today’s announcement that the Notre Dame/Michigan football series is set to end after the 2014 season was possibly the low point of my day. This is disturbing for many reasons, the most important being that I hate Michigan with a burning passion.

This hatred, however, does not blind me to what Michigan has given me over the years (other than some disappointing Saturday nights). The Michigan/Notre Dame rivalry has given ALL of us some truly fantastic football. Whether a Fighting Irishman or a Wolverine, the football tradition fostered by these two schools has characterized the passionate, action-filled nature of both Notre Dame and Michigan’s football programs since the annual rivalry began in 1978.

The Michigan rivalry has, no doubt, been a roller-coaster of emotions for Irish fans. The defeats, such as 2011’s 4-point loss in the final 30 seconds, have been as heart-wrenchingly miserable as the victories, such as this past weekend’s 13-6 triumph, have been euphorically celebrated.

While I understand the necessity to remove Michigan from Notre Dame’s schedule in order to keep spots for other even longer-lived rivalries—such as USC and Navy—in light of Notre Dame’s scheduled move to the ACC, I still see today as a sad day in Notre Dame Football history. What can I say, Michigan is a team that we just love to hate.

Image via Lance Johnson/Flickr