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Audio: This Michigan Fan Was Furious After The Wolverines Were Shut Out By Notre Dame

You have probably seen your favorite college football team lay an egg in a huge game, so you know what it feels like to be absolutely furious because your team didn't show up on a national stage. This Michigan fan, named Paul from Toledo, experienced that mix of anger and sadness on Saturday night after the Wolverines were destroyed by Notre Dame, 31-0. After the game, he took to his phone, and gave us one of the angriest minutes of talk radio that we've ever heard.

My favorite parts were when Paul suggested that Wolverines QB Devin Gardner moves to the defensive line because he wears the number of a defensive lineman, and that Michigan basketball coach John Beilien should coach football in his spare time.

For Paul's sake, we hope that the Wolverines are able to upend Miami (Ohio) on Sept. 13.