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Both Our Sources And Notre Dame's Student Handbook Confirm: This Was Not Everett Golson's First Offense


Everett Golson has been suspended by the University of Notre Dame for the Fall 2013 term due to an academic issue -- Golson himself said that he used "poor academic judgment" that got him into trouble. The sad thing is, this was not Golson's first academic issue with the university -- we are hearing from multiple sources that this was not in fact his first offense. According to Notre Dame's academic handbook, suspensions are only given to repeat violators:

There are two crucial parts to the pictures above:

- First time punishments can range from a zero on the assignment in question to a failing grade in the course

- The standard punishment for a repeated offense is suspension or dismissal from the university

Not only has Golson had multiple academic infringements, but he has had team problems well. Against Miami this year, Golson was held out from starting due to showing up late to a team meeting. Further, his leadership abilities were questioned throughout the year (although, by all accounts, he became a better leader this offseason) and he often appeared to be having a bit "too much fun."

The question may become, even though Notre Dame has said that Golson has a chance to re-enroll in 2014, would the Fighting Irish really want him back?