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Brady Quinn Is Not Happy With NBC's Handling Of Notre Dame Coverage

A closeup Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn.

Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn against LSU in the Allstate Sugar Bowl at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana on January 3, 2007. LSU won 41 - 14. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/WireImage)

Former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn has broken into sports media. He currently does work for FOX Sports, CBS Sports, and SiriusXM as a football analyst. However, he hasn't been able to cover his alma mater, and is critical of NBC Sports' Notre Dame coverage.

Quinn says that he has had discussions with NBC Sports. He thinks that his status as a prominent Notre Dame alumnus actually works against him, when it comes to the potential for working for NBC. This is interesting, considering the fact that Notre Dame is NBC's only major college football property.

Brady Quinn spoke about NBC Sports' Notre Dame coverage with the South Bend Tribune.

He was quite open about issues he sees with NBC's coverage. From Eric Hansen:

“It’s something I go back and forth with all the time, but broadcasting has been good to me,” Quinn said. “Maybe one day, I’ll be calling Notre Dame games.”

Then came a pause and a sigh.

“If NBC ever comes around from hiring guys from all of Notre Dame’s rivals — BC guys, USC guys,” Quinn continued.

“It’s funny. Just to be blunt, NBC and I have had conversations. It’s hard for Sam Flood (NBC and NBC Sports Network executive producer and president) to get over having an alum (as an analyst).

“I think he’s worried about being biased and essentially becoming ‘the Notre Dame Network,’ because I am an alum.”

Looking for balanced coverage is definitely an admirable goal, and something that NBC should strive for. However, there is an argument to be made that NBC already is "the Notre Dame network."

Doug Flutie, former quarterback of rival Boston College, is the current NBC analyst. Hansen notes that NBC has never employed an analyst that graduated from Notre Dame, since taking over coverage of Fighting Irish games.

Quinn makes a pretty strong argument based on the work he does with FS1 as well. Like Flutie, a BC alum, calls Notre Dame games without issue, Quinn has called USC and Stanford games.

“My rebuttal to (Flood) is: I called five USC games,” Quinn said. ‘You don’t think I don’t have to be down the middle against a team I grew up hating and was a rival of? It goes both ways.’

“’As much as you think I’m for Notre Dame, I also have to call games for FOX that are with teams we went up against — USC, Stanford, etc.’

“It’s kind of backwards as far as their thinking in it. My aim is just to call the game the way I see it. It’s not to favor one team as opposed to the other. It’s about being great at what I’m trying to do.”

A number of Notre Dame fans have raised some issues with NBC Sports' analysis. It may ring a bit hollow, given the luxury that Notre Dame has of having a major network cover every single home game, but it is definitely given weight with someone like Brady Quinn weighing in.

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